50 Grades of Shay – is not 50 Shades of Grey. It’s Better!



50 Grades of Shay – is not 50 Shades of Grey. It’s Better!


Author B.J. LaRue has three things going for her. First of all – Courage. Anyone who would name their book with a play on words of one of the most popular books in recent memory has got guts with a captial ” G”.  Clearly, most readers, as did I when first glancing at the title, would assume that“50 Grades of Shay” was just a parody of E.L. James Uber-success – “50 Shades of Grey.” But, as the saying goes :”First rule of life – Never assume !” That is most certainly not the case. Ms. LaRue’s series is original,serious and imaginative prose at it’s best.

Perhaps,due in large measure to her second attribute : Experience. As one of Hollywood’s most celebrated (not to mention secretive) ghostwriters, B.J. LaRue has helped scores of Celebrities, CEO’S and Government leaders tell their stories…

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