Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Success Secrets

Kindle sp insider secrets

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Success Secrets – are there really any? Or are all the courses, tips and hacks just online marketers taking advantage of wannabe Authors?

After all, do you think that Stephen King, Amanda Hocking, B.J LaRue, or J.K. Rowling ever took a writing course? Much less a “how to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle” one?

That fact alone encourages untold thousands of would be Authors to think: “Well – if they didn’t have any literary education, and they made it….then I can too!” Inspirational. Definitely. And definitely wrong! Because, like Mr. Dylan sang: “the times they are a changin'”

In fact – they HAVE changed. Amazon Kindle Self Publishing is not the same “book game” it was when those authors got a leg up. There’s more competition. And the big time Authors who have already made it ,haven’t stopped publishing!

And publishing, like selling anything, is a business. And every product needs to be advertised. A book is no different. Sure, you can put your masterpiece up in the Kindle Store. Just like you can put your name in the phone book. But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna start automatically ringing off the hook, does it?

So, if you REALLY want to have Kindle Self Publishing Success – you have two options:

1. HOPE. Hope that somehow, you’ll be hit by lightening (just like Amanda Hocking)

2.KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge of how the business of Self-Publishing -Kindle and Beyond works. From someone who’s an expert in that business.


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