Month: March 2015

A Tour de France Photo Holiday?

i wanna be onboard this ship..or wagon..or whatever!!


bicyclegourmet.comA Tour de France Photo Holiday? Sound like a plan? Well, as you’re probably aware there’s no shortage of French Travel Photo Tours to choose from. And thats the rock and the hard place – right? The obvious question being : “How do you pick the one that’s right for you?

Well, first of all depends on your photographic interests. Are you into Landscape photography? If so, then someone who specializes in the back streets of Paris by night, may not be your best choice!

The there’s the next most important “pre tour” French Travel Photo Workshopoptions: Money and time. If you’ve got the first one handled, the second could be the deal breaker. Especially if the time that’s available works great for you – but not for your boss. (here’s where being self-employed really pays off!)

If you can line up the money/time ducks – the best, and most obvious…

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