Month: April 2015

Jeb Bush Goes Paleo!

it’s another “ABB” (anybody but bush) election year fer sure!



Jeb Bush Goes Paleo! – Yes, boys and girls, truth IS stranger than fiction. And why, you may well ask is presidental pretender Jeb Bush embracing the Paleo Weight LossDiet? Well, think about it for a minute. After you kiss babies, promise to lower taxes, and donate to charity, what ELSE can you do to get the voters into your tent?

And hey – it’s great publicity too – right? What I’ll be waiting to see is if Jeb Bushbecomes the third bush-ite to inhabit the White House…will he be able to resist all the decidedly non-paleo goodies on the table at those State Dinner galas?

Jeb Bush stays Paleo? Only time (and his waistline) will tell!


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