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Kindle “UNLIMITED” amazon self publishing opp.

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Extra! Extra!… all about it….if you haven’t already heard about Amazon’s Kindle “Unlimited” Self Publishing opportunity….

In a sentence…what Jeff Bezos and co. have done, is to let it’s customers download an unlimited amount of kindle titles for $10. (ok, to be precise $9.99)

What this means for self-publishers, in two words, is “more money! The reasons?Amazon Kindle has ..shall we say..”slush fund”…in the area of 2 million dollars – give or take 10 K or so. These greenbacks are divided between publishers and authors – according to a – as you would expect – complex set of metrics.

Most noteably, number of downloads. Not, as you might imagine – number of sales.

Bottom Line : if you’re both a publisher and an author – as the majority of Kindle Authors are – you get paid TWICE. And even , possibily THREE TIMES! – if the ndownloader of your book decides to buy it.

So – for the moment – the  Amazon Kindle Unlimited Self-Publishing opportunity looks to be a combination of the cat’s pajamas and the greatest thing since sliced bread. If, you’re a Self Published Kindle Author